Queer ladies speed dating at the strand

The vest and pocket square add a bit of dressy detail without having to wear a tie.

So, here’s some inspiration I’ve pulled from some of my favorite style blogs: FOR THE (UN)HIPSTER via Closet Freaks Anthony Urbano (pictured above) of the queer style blog Closet Freaks calls this look rebel prep.

We are brilliant: ever up to date on the latest politics, Jeopardy final answers, bad lesbian movies and books, all the books.

So let’s be geeks in public together for prizes, love and VICTORY.

guru, for a salon-style evening of pizza and pontification on “The Science of Seduction? Instead, we continue to pursue a seemingly fruitless course for “the one,” getting increasingly discouraged that we’re still no closer to achieving our aim despite years of practice.

Professor Ariely, a psychologist and behavioral economist at Duke University, has won fame and fortune debunking the myth that we act rationally about both the small and significant decisions that we make. Despite myriad dating relationships, many of us are hard-pressed to describe why we’re having difficulty connecting and closing the deal on a romantic partnership.

” “How much do we really want to know about potential partners? ” — a question that has bedeviled humans from the time of the ancients to the i Tunes era of Howard Jones, Haddaway, and Lea Michele, among others.

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