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We asked them to discuss, via Skype, how the heck they manage to get anything done. Lena Dunham: But you look so nice since you rested for your birthday.

Apatow: Well, I got a haircut for my run of publicity. Dunham: You gave me my plan for my hair, and I’m sticking to it: You said I should grow it out and then we can noodle with it.

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Asked by Gevinson about the ‘You Are In Love’ lyric “You’re my best friend”, Swift replied: “I’ve never had that, so I wrote that song about things that Lena [Dunham] has told me about her and Jack [Antonoff]. And I think that that kind of relationship — God, it sounds like it would just be so beautiful — would also be hard.

It would also be mundane at times.” Elsewhere in the interview, which won’t appear in full until the issue’s release on May 19, Swift opened up about relationships and life in the public eye.

The "Girls" star's battle with endometriosis landed her in the hospital, but it also produced a wonderful friendship.

Ellen helped Lena surprise the nurse who saved her life (who also happens to be a huge fan of Ellen)!

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By doing so you are sending the exact opposite message.

so likable is the funny, insightful rapport between the show’s protagonist, Dev (Aziz Ansari), and his close group of friends.

Lena Waithe plays Denise, Dev’s cooler-than-thou lesbian confidante, who, as we found out, was actually inspired by Waithe’s real life. This was really before was around, but there was really only room for Shonda [Rhimes].

caught up with Waithe via phone and talked about the hit show, what might happen in season two, and her favorite TV series of all time. It’s getting rave reviews and people seem to really like it. I am chilling in my apartment at the moment and writing something for—I guess I can say this now—I’m writing something for Lena Dunham’s book with her producing partner, Jenni Konner, who I used to work for, actually. So aside from being an actor, you’re also a writer? A lot of Instagram heart emojis and all that good stuff. I went to a very hipster grocery store as they are here in L. We were trying to buy some free-range chicken, and the cashier was like, “I just got through binge-watching you.” A ton of queer women of color have been so happy and excited. I know people are watching it, but I have no idea how many people have watched it. Let’s talk about that pilot that you wrote a few years ago, . I had this script that was these three black girls, all 20-somethings, all living in Los Angeles. Jezebel wrote about it, Refinery29 did a whole piece about it.

I was sort of a weirdo, because when I was 7, I realized I wanted to be a television writer. I sent Aziz a text message saying: “The black gay female community is very happy with you.”Is there going to be a season two? We don’t know if there is going to be a season two. All of a sudden, I was the “black Lena Dunham.”Well, you also happen to share the same first name.

If I’m looking into the camera, which makes me look kind of normal, I can’t see you.

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