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For one, Dakota Johnson is a trooper, providing some much-needed fun to the frequently strained story.

The film — now a massive box office success after its opening weekend — does have its redeeming qualities.

And there is terrible sadness too."I was tricked here. But when I got here, he sold me," says Simla, a 42-year-old prostitute, originally from Nepal.

She has two children and she saves what little she earns to send them to school, desperate that they do not follow her into the sex industry. I will not allow my children to do it." Sex costs little on the frenetic streets of India's business capital, where people come and go all the time.

Not every woman “finishes” singing the sweet strains of “' Ah!

Sweet Mysteries of Life.” And, in fact, 30% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm and some studies say as many as 25% of women cannot achieve orgasm at all.

That's why it's interesting that a film such as this — that is centered on sex, sexual curiosity and experimenting in bed — doesn't focus on the “finish line,” but the journey.

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Also, even and as large-scale release geared toward women, “Fifty Shades” treats sex differently than many commercial dramas and rom-coms (and not just because of the BDSM).

We see the former Special Forces operative turn to a rogue experimental process which leaves him with accelerated healing powers and incredible abilities.

Reynolds, of course, is never shy about flaunting his fantastic physique.

Frustrated with their parents bickering over their upcoming wedding, Basti and Iris decided to storm off.

Overcome by their emotions, the two started passionately making out at the back of their best friend's car.

For all its controversies, the film purposely eschews some of the book's pitfalls to hint at a much more complicated tale about the bedroom and consenting adults.

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