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APS tries to establish a trusting relationship with the client so that services may be provided on a voluntary basis and they usually are.Efforts are made to contact family, friends, neighbors and other community based services in order to determine the client’s capacity to function independently, make decisions on his or her own behalf and to understand the consequences of those decisions. Any vulnerable adult or concerned person may contact APS to inquire about available services. John's, we offer services to you as you continue to live in your own home.Each day at the Skalny Day Break Adult Day Service, clients join us for an interesting day of activities and companionship, returning to their families in the evening.I began piano lessons at four years of age, and was blessed to have an amazing piano teacher, who taught me for 14 years.She gave me a passion to teach others and impart to them a love for music.Galveston's 32 miles of sun-drenched beaches are ideal places for numerous sports and leisure activities.To ensure the safety of visitors, the City of Galveston and the Galveston Park Board of Trustees have banned alcohol consumption from most public beaches and the Seawall, with the exception of licensed concession areas.

Tom’s condition greatly limits his mobility, so imagine his triumph when a new device was introduced into his therapy which allowed him to walk independently for the first time.

APS clients are among the most vulnerable and neglected members of the community: the frail elderly, the mentally ill, persons that are developmentally challenged, those suffering acute and chronic physical illness, dementia or other conditions associated with aging and mental or physical handicaps.

Persons are eligible for APS as long as they meet the following criteria: APS is required to act on referrals that may be life threatening within 24 hours of the receipt of the information.

For other referrals, assessment is begun within 72 hours and a home visit is made within the first three working days.

Some referrals are closed during intake if the eligibility requirements are not met and services are not needed.

This program helps to reduce symptoms so that patients ages 18 years and older can resume functioning and be more successful in outpatient treatment.

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