Scabbia dating

Scabbia has been in a relationship with Slipknot guitarist Jim Root since 2004. Scabbia admitted that on her official Facebook page: "We are not together anymore and it happens in life." At the time, the band was named Ethereal, and Scabbia was first employed only as a session singer.

Scabbia is featured in a Megadeth song "À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)".

Scabbia first began using her vocal abilities to back up Lacuna Coil's then lead singer Andrea Ferro.

Está casado con la cantante y modelo italiana, Cristina Scabbia de la banda Lacuna Coil, desde diciembre del 2008.

One major downside to this arrangement is that if the couple's romantic relationship ends, the professional relationship usually dies along with it, though there are some exceptions.

También ha tocado como músico de sesión para artistas como (Sid Wilson, DJ de Slipknot) y Jonathan Davis (vocalista de Korn).

Blue-grey plumes of smoke dance around her face as she takes another long, hard pull on her cigar.

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