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She is "liked" by everyone else at the hospital as she does her best to please everybody and not let anyone get to know her. is unable to see women who wear wedding rings and as Kim was married she went unnoticed by J. She still wore her wedding ring despite being divorced for a while, so as not to get into a relationship with anybody. MTV News asked female comics to look back on "No Scrubs" and the way the song shaped -- and continues to shape -- their dating lives for better or for just-as-bad.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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As they live so far apart, and are seemingly no longer bound by a baby, Kim broke up with J. However, Kim was seen getting the ultrasound revealing that she lied about having a miscarriage so that she could let J.

I too am in the dental profession and wear scrubs daily.they r very comfy that when i get off work i can do my running around in them and i know im getting looks.of my male friends r like "u gotta let me take a personal pic of u in ur scrubs" no im not letting anyone take a pic of me like that..while there comfy for work and other things, sexy is not one word i would use on them.use to intice men.that make sense? They have bodily fluids all over them and tons of diseases. However, if I see a girl in scrubs, I assume she's a doctor or a nurse with lots of money I can seduce her out of. I find I get plenty of attention from guys when I walk by in my scrubs. Don't know why exactly, though one of my former boyfriends said it was all about the way I wore them, lol!!

I prefer a fitted top to a loose one, so he may have a point there.

He is currently working as Residency Director at St. He narrates nearly all of the episodes, and viewers also get to see inside his mind as he has the tendency to daydream. It is assumed she has been born since then and that he is still working at St.

was a doctor of medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital for eight years until he moved to be closer to his son Sammy. He was harassed by Janitor on a regular basis before leaving Sacred Heart. He is first seen in the pilot episode "My First Day" and is seen in 167 of 168 episodes. is last seen in "Our Stuff Gets Real" as he and Elliot are expecting their baby girl. John Michael Dorian is the Residency Director at St. He claims that the reason he got into medicine was a high school teacher named Mr.

is married to Elliot Reid and is best friends with Christopher Turk. Cox, but less so since becoming an equal in their profession. Kelso's leadership, where he often sought Carla Espinosa's advice. is the main protagonist of Scrubs and is portrayed by Zach Braff.

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