Seaworld tycoon 2 updating buildings

The coaster itself is made for Familys, so an Big-Sculpture for the kids was maybe an nice idea.

Close-Up Splash-& Rockpart: Different Angle Splash- & Rockpart: I thought i need some "Manta Flyer" Style so i build the Splash-Effect from him.

And yeah, Water - no Pretzel-Loop possible without any hacking) Side-Info: Best Pretzel-Loop with RCT-2 is build by using trackparts from four (4) different Coasters and hack it together with the "8-Cars-Trainer" My Manta is build more after the LIM (Mack Rides Gmb H) one @ Seaworld San Diego.

You see this if you take a look at the Station & Transfertrack Building The Layout is an mirror-image of the real one and on some points inacurate - only inspirated not an Re-Creation.

Update 2: ----------- It's me, again avocado, after starting this RCT2-Park, i cant find an end/break.

Managing smaller teams, budgets and timelines is much different then when you had levels of management or a large studio behind you.I used the "Looping-Coaster" because the "Giga-Track" hasn't the "shuttle-launch" option!The Launch-Speed is 78 km/h, an Reason why i banked all curves, up & downhill parts that are possible, to avoid high Lateral-G's First, start-up with the Results: It's not to bad for an Looping-Coaster with, what an suprise, NO Looping You see/read/hear right, NO Inversion.It was a lot of trail and error with trying to get the slideouts to properly work how I wanted them too, but in the end they turned out pretty good I thought. This was my favorite part to build obviously, but it was also the part that made me feel like I was going insane.It took about 3 days for me to finish just this part of the exhibit due to me accidentally doing something that screwed up the entire rest of the tanks. I recently went on to change the show stadium so it would look like the more natural decoration and less theatrical shows.Intended audience & prerequisites: Anyone who is starting a new small studio or would like to improve how their the team interacts.

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