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I imagine a dollop of floppy whipped cream would be great - or, do as I did and whisk a splash of maple syrup into greek yogurt on your way out the door and serve that on top (or to the side) of each slice.Recipes and cookbooks aside, I was thinking it might be fun to trade some book suggestions. So, what is the best book you've read in the past year?In total, up to 16 raiders patrol the area and guard the rails leading into the camp.The area contains a number of traps, including frag mines near the northern entrance, with tripwires (releasing grenade bouquets) at the shacks' periphery.To the Norwegians who are proud of their country's plush, first-world prisons, we raise Boston's Liberty Hotel, a luxury property formerly known as the Charles Street Jail, whose onetime inmates include Malcolm X and disgraced Boston mayor James Curley.

Anyhow, it is a habit that stuck, and I'm always on the lookout for the next page-turner.

1 Croc City Crocodile Farm An opportunity to view crocodiles and hatchlings at close range. For more information visit 2 Egoli Lodge The lodge keeps children busy with a climbing wall, jumping castles, a trampoline, ball pool, gym, Sit 'n Twists, jungle gym and more. For more info visit 23 Jozi X - Extreme Adventures From jungle swings, trapeze and tightrope walking to skateboarding, sandboarding and Zorbing for kids aged five and older. Call 0 26 Lesedi Cultural Village View various cultural homesteads, browse through an Ndebele Village and craft market, enjoy traditional dancing and delicious African food. For more info visit 32 MG Raceway Africa's largest indoor go-kart track. The plaza will surprise you with exotic spices, fabrics, flavours and scents. It isn't real snow, but it's Christmas, get with the vibe. 0 77 Lipizzaners Entertainment for the entire family at the Lipizzaner Centre, Kyalami. 0, 0 or 0 78 The Secret Garden A treat for parents and kids.

The curio shop sells a variety of souvenirs as well as vacuum-packed crocodile meat. A fully licensed lapa with DStv sports-viewing keeps parents occupied. Go to 10 Adventure Golf Popular outdoor family entertainment. Go to 11 Cullinan Village The site of the discovery of the world's largest diamond, this village is rich in historical and cultural heritage and has a varied arts, crafts and lifestyle community. For more info visit 12 Daytona Adventure Park Quad biking family fun for adults and children aged four and up. Farm JR 388, 3km north of Fourways Mall, William Nicol Dr. 0 14 Elephant Sanctuary An opportunity to get close to gentle giants in indigenous African bush. For more information visit 15 Avalanche Bum boarding fun down a 25m indoor snow slope. For more information visit 22 Irene Village Dairy Take a visit to the English countryside. 16b Penguin Drive, Norscot Manor Recreation Centre, Fourways.

The guard house is a small shack in the northwestern part of the Evergreen Mills, reached by the walkway which crosses over the slave pen.

Although it is uninhabited, one of the Evergreen Mills slave pen keys can be found here, as well as a decent amount of ammunition and a Rad Away in the small crate on the top shelf directly to the right of the door when the player character enters.

Right now I'm reading Richard Price's Lush Life, Camus' The Plague, and David's The Sweet Life in Paris. But seriously, 178 pages into The Plague, one welcomes a solid dose of Lebovitz-style humor. When a friend asked me to bring dessert to dinner the other night, I cheated and peeked ahead at the recipes in the back of David's book, and discovered this Breton Buckwheat Cake with Fleur de Sel.

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