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If that's all this is, more punishment isn't necessary here (and personally what has been done may be over-much).

You haven't described the exact nature of your son's message, but it seems to me that the multiple punishments you have given him will certainly have transmitted YOUR message by now regarding the attitude of you and your husband to his action.

But Ms Mc Lean said concerns about Roblox highlighted a broader issue."Any app or platform or game that allows two-way interaction between your child and another player is going to have predators on it," she said."And then the risk ramps up when you can have chat.

That's one of the features of this game."I think this is a very important warning for parents to not [just] look at the app or game developer's website.

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At the age of 10, I assume that by now he has the capacity to explain his feelings and motivations reasonably coherently.He has been caught cussing before but we just sent him to bed early or took away the i Pad.His i Pad, I thought, had all the messaging apps taken off it. Without going into too much detail, what was the nature of the message? Had the message not had any cuss words in it would it have been as offensive/garnered the same reaction? If it was just copious use of cuss words, this is a common stage where children push boundaries - they've heard the words being used on tv, by adults, and believe that it makes them older/more mature/tougher/etc by using them.If you can get to the bottom of the for his behaviour, you will be in a much better position to anticipate the possibility of any repetitions, and to devise strategies for helping him to deal with any frustrations or other issues in a more constructive manner.Meanwhile, I recommend that you and your husband should first actively try to calm yourselves down from your state of heightened emotion.(Tips of that sort are standard advice given to parents about Internet safety and have nothing to do with Minecraft specifically.) The mother in question stated she “did a little research,” but that research didn’t pertain to the existence of Minecraft sex mods. Apparently, in the app version of the game, there is a way to “craft” such cringe-worthy things as pixelated characters getting it on with each other.

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