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Donations have also declined, although Dean declined to provide numbers.

KJZZ, Phoenix public radio, today released a feature on Mark Driscoll and the RICO lawsuit.

In a move which isn’t likely to sit well with Phoenix media, Driscoll again declined to speak to the Phoenix press.

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Those congregations will have the option to become independent self-governing churches, merge with an existing church, or disband.In hindsight, that year was the pinnacle for Mars Hill. Driscoll resigned a few weeks ago after a leave of absence that begin in August.And last Friday afternoon, Mars Hill Church announced online that it will dissolve by January 1.Beeville is now going on its 12th day with no clean water.the city of Beeville and a few councilmen have spent the last few days distributing cases of water to the residents.Deadly counter-attack in women who have report having dated someone singles pakistan japanese dating of east asian descent would.

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