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So that would either mean that she went from suddenly super relevant to irrelevant in a few chapters…OR that Kishimoto-sensei left Hanabi’s fate open-ended for a reason.Six novels were planned and with five already released -- or soon to be released -- the final Naruto Gaiden manga novel release date has been announced with a synopsis, no less. What is the path of the ninja that was illuminated by the light of Akatsuki? Back before the Shikamaru Hiden was released, Amazon leaked the release date along with the synopsis.This novel will focus on the Akatsuki, the villainous organization of rogue ninja from different countries for one goal. As mentioned above, the Akatsuki Hiden story is the sixth and final novel in the Gaiden series.The Naruto Gaiden manga novels have given fans of the manga and anime series more stories in the universe that many have grown up with.Even after the main series ended with chapter 700, the stories in the Naruto universe continue in the form of novels featuring different characters. ”This is not the first time an Amazon listing revealed the release date of one of the Naruto Gaiden manga novels.

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Capturing what made the cast memorable and beloved to the benefit and detriment of the DLC with some characters being slightly annoying and feeling like an unnecessary challenge to you (more later).But with the end of the Naruto manga, where does Akatsuki fit into the Naruto universe post-chapter 700? Kakashi, Shikamaru, Sakura, Konoha Ninja and Gaara Hiden stories have already released in Japan.Well, a Japanese Amazon listing for the novel gives us the release date of July 3 for the Akatsuki Hiden story as well as the synopsis courtesy of Anime News Network.“A boy Sasuke met during his journey speaks of how his family was killed by Akatsuki... Viz Media has even announced that English versions of the novels will begin to release later this year.With the entirety of the DLC now out, my slightly high expectations were not fulfilled quite how I expected it to be.Rather than some set pieces with memorable fight scenes, the scenarios - whilst felt like fleshing out the already slightly lackluster Adventure mode - remained like simulacra of the base scenario Trail of the Gale.It’s highs were more often overshadowed by the spacing of the narrative with game play elements; whilst not being fetch quest heavy, its use of travel between “missions” often ruined the pacing of the storytelling.

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