Siberian ice maiden radiocarbon dating


For my final post, I would like to discuss a rather large early Upper Paleolithic site found within Russia, that of the Sungir site.Discovered on the outskirts of the city of Vladimir in the 1950's, it constitutes a rather large size, 1500 sq.The attached image is an artist interpretation by Jason Beam based on the descriptions from the Nova special.

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She had been buried over 2,400 years ago in a casket fashioned from the hollowed-out trunk of a larch tree.As the solid block of ice began to melt, the team of archaeologists gazed on the body of a young woman buried more than 2,500 years before.Lying around the Ice Maiden's ceremonial tomb, were six of her horses especially sacrificed for the occasion.They were clothed in garments resembling Celtic plaid, complete with tam-o'-shanters and Robin Hood caps.Perhaps the ancient Chinese legends of how their civilizations were originally started were accurate.Her body was covered with vivid blue tattoos of mythical animal figures.

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