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Firmly cementing its series’ status as the “Before” movies of male friendship, “The Trip to Spain” may seem like nothing more than a third taste of a favorite dish, but the best meals in life are worth eating thrice, and this one has been simmered in some tangy new spices and aged to perfection.Once again, British comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan eat their way through a week-long drive through some repugnantly gorgeous European countryside.You can share your sexy fantasies and be more risqué than you normally would be.One of the best things though, is that it’s anonymous, so you don’t have to share your real name or any details you don’t want to.The guidelines presented in this brand new training video will help you calm angry customers.Once you bring them around, they're more likely to work with you to find a resolution that solves their complaint yet is fair to your organization.

I also would prefer that it work without Internet connection, because I will be in a few remote locations. I’m traveling to Mexico for spring break and my Spanish is a little bit rusty.

So while this isn’t necessarily the last of their adventures, it fully embraces the fact that its twin buffoons aren’t getting any younger.

In doing so, director Michael Winterbottom hasn’t just delivered the funniest movie of the year, but also a comedy that casts its characters in a harsh new light.

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Far from empty calories, “The Trip to Spain” is nearly as bitter and necessary a commentary on its story’s previous chapters as “Before Midnight” was to the first two episodes of Richard Linklater’s trilogy.

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