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Evan is not guilty of course; the whole thing is merely the method of getting Emma and Evan into the same room and for him to annoy her – whereby she gets angry and he then realises she has heat and passion under her buttoned-up exterior. A few weeks after they first meet, Evan asks Emma to be his lawyer and publicist – she will still be paid by Knight and Payne but he will be her only client (Emma has no experience in publicity or copyright or entertainment law either but hey, details! What’s not immediately clear is that Evan is about to go on a three-month tour of the US and Emma, to do her job (? She negotiates this down to 30 days but because he dangles the carrot of Midge getting Emma her dream job with a firm of her choice, she agrees.Emma brings her Newfoundland puppy, Sirius, on tour with her but leaves her Maine Coon cat at home with her dad because Evan is highly allergic. ) Evan does need a lawyer (although not a full-time, on-site lawyer) but the main reason he wants to go on tour with him is because he has the hots for her and wants to see where things go. She was my last hope, the last shining hope in a season filled with a host of mediocre singers. My reason is simple: with the departure of Carly Rae, I became disillusioned with Canadian Idol.I have, however, come to appreciate its meaning, and the Irish heritage of my family.I am often called "T-air-uh" which is not bad, unless people don't seem to get that this is not my name. This week is a bit odd, to be honest, since we’re at the semi-finals and Sass Jordan is providing our tutelage. However, after a long day during Frosh Week, I’m in need of a break, and Canadian Idol should do just fine.

Check it out now and then don’t miss her on Package Deal Monday nights. Canadian country singer Tara Oram has been honing her sound and style since we first spotted her on the Canadian Idol stage back in 2007.

We’ve probed the depths of social media to curate some of our current favourite celebrity beauty statements.

From vivid eyes to perfect pouts, these A-list makeup jobs are sure to inspire your own beauty this season. If you’re looking to capture the season’s party-ready spirit, the perfect makeup look can easily complement your outfit of the day.

We asked Giuliana Rancic to share her favourite beauty products, so we could steal some of the secrets she has learned along the way. Canadian beauty Leah Renee has strut her stuff on the small screen as a bunny in The Playboy Club and now as girl next door Maggie in the summer sitcom Satisfaction.

Real Style can attest that this blonde bombshell is just as pretty in person.

Transferred use of an Irish place-name belonging to a hill in central Ireland, which was an ancient seat of kingship.

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