The onion podcast not updating

This version, written from the ground-up, offers the user much greater flexibility when creating their map files, as well as adding several new forensic utilities to aid investigators in their cases.During this webinar, we will demonstrate how Perp Hound v4 processes CDRs and demonstrate the new and updated tools that have been added to Perp Hound v4 to aid investigators in the analysis of CDRs as well as in standard forensic investigations. This webinar discusses the appropriate planning and preparation that a law enforcement agency can undertake in response to a local terrorist situation.Also I have to give props to the Capitol Hill Police for “investigating [The Onion’s] reporting” last fall.

The results were astounding: Not only were the reactions wilder and wackier than I could have imagined, I found they existed for nearly every Onion story, no matter how outlandish.In the beginning I was actually just keeping the blog as a personal archive of this stuff, but eventually opened it to the public as sort of a museum of human gullibility.At the very least, it’s the most embarrassing example of a politician reading the Onion sincerely, though their faith in the supposedly straight news organizations that read like satire is impressive in its own right. If you're a fan of The Onion, get your daily fix of breaking news, video, radio-news and more in this streamlined app - with the most current headline of your choice delivered via Live Tile. " * can now pan/zoom image on news article page (beta) 16 Nov - v2.0 * updated for Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) * now supports Fast Application Switching * correctly shows apostrophe's that used to look garbled * article images post correctly on facebook in more cases now 7 aug - v1.19 * tiles on the 'more' hub now respond to taps (they animate) * poll results page now sizes and scrolls correctly 7 july - v1.18 * fixed a bug where, if you turned off some panorama panels, refreshing data wouldn't always work (i.e.Marketplace® is the leading business news program in the nation.

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