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Lewis is expected to provide commentary and analysis to all of FS1’s shows during football season, including the network’s new morning show featuring former Eagles receiver Cris Carter and Nick Wright, which is scheduled to debut on Sept. The former linebacker joined ESPN in 2013, but his short tenure at the network was a mixed bag.

He was criticized for giving an inspirational pep talk to the Buffalo Bills before a 2015 Monday night game against the New England Patriots that he discussed on ESPN that same evening.

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A radio host in Philly, Mike Missanelli, has a contest where the fan who can get the biggest celebrity to call into his show wins Philadelphia Eagles tickets. "I think it's hilarious when people have a problem with, ' Oh she's wearing this, she's got hair extensions,'" Andrews, 37, said of being a female NFL sideline reporter. In July 2014, she replaced longtime NFL sideline reporter Pam Oliver for the top spot on the field at the network. In offices, what I do for a living, you see other women going after other women, and it's like, ' Wait, can't we just support each other for a minute? "Oh God, every single game, every single practice, every single time I go on television working sports, absolutely," she said. I left a place where I was for eight years and knew all the coaches, knew all the story lines, and I threw myself in the NFL, and I've put more pressure on myself than ever before."Luckily, she's one to dive right in. "It's so funny to me that people are so worried about what I'm doing or care about how I look, and I'm working out," she revealed. Michael Strahan, Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw ... The narrative, though, turned into Andrews swiping the job from Oliver, which was far from the case."I think, unfortunately, in our industry, it happens way too much," Andrews told Huff Post on Wednesday. "I put so much [more] pressure on now than I ever have in my life. I went to Fox to work the NFL, and I knew I wanted to work with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, and thankfully I got a job. "[Now I'm] working in the biggest and best sport. FOX’s sideline saga has a new twist now that Pam Oliver has opened up about being knocked off the network’s “A” team for Erin Andrews.Oliver wrote a first-person essay for Essence in which she details the painful process of being demoted to make room for Andrews, who was hired two years ago from ESPN.You’re really a class act,’” she writes for the magazine. Without official confirmation about a change in my position, I decided I was going to do my work like I always had.

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