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If you are over 50 then you might well have a large network of friends , but if they are all married with families, then they probably don’t get as much time to spend with you as you would like.

In fact, one in five couples now meet online and a new study from Chicago University psychologists has found that couples that meet online are happier and 25% less likely to end up getting a divorce.

With that knowledge we create something truly useful for your company. Leverage technology which will actually aid your business, fit-for-purpose.

Spiky Fruit operates without pushing a specific product, platform or service. We deploy modern technologies and use modular components for our development, adopting suitable methods & procedures in a fitting way.

Pragmatic, creative, versatile, with excellent problem solving skills. Coupled with a solid understanding of your business domain this allows fast delivery, on time and within budget. Our added value is our expertise,insight and possibly good looks,not the resulting product per se. For one Spiky Fruit is a small collective by choice.

If at any point you want to continue without us you should be able to. We work with an intimate group of skilled people, most of which have ties to the open source world.

There’s no need to be too lengthy, but try and give enough information about yourself, so that the person reading it gets to know about your hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes.

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