Union label dating

It secured great improvements and benefits for its members, including cooperative housing, banks, and insurance programs.

In 1933 the ACWA was admitted into the American Federation of Labor, but it withdrew to become a founding member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) in 1935.

The union label can also be helpful, and there is a good site here with great information.

Because they are easy to show, I decided to use manufacturer and store labels as my first post in this category.

Labels The label can be full of clues as to an item’s age, making it your go-to when dating vintage.

Searching for vintage clothing is just as fun as wearing the retro finds.

I decided there and then to put some of that knowledge to use here.

People often ask me how I know about the age of items, and, it can be hard to answer because to me so much of it is obvious and subconscious.

While in the Salvation Army the other day, however, I explained to two teenage girls looking through records what "LP" stood for, and, what a "45" is.

(ACWA), a large union representing workers in the men’s clothing industry, with the Textile Workers Union of America, a smaller union founded in 1939.

The ACWA was originally formed when militant elements within the United Garment Workers, a relatively conservative union, broke away in 1914 to form their own union under the leadership of .

There are many clues you will need to use to determine the age of a garment.

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