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Our team did not grow out of the technology industry, but instead came together with a common goal to boost technology’s impact on real estate.

Visneta is a fellowship of real estate professionals and software engineers on a mission to make commerce in real estate easy.

Visneta is versatile and scalable providing a significant benefit to large portfolio management with thousands of assets it can also manage a small portfolio with one asset.

Our team does not just build the technology we actually use it.

Comprised of talent from each corner of the real estate industry from brokers, procurement specialists, operations experts and the best software engineers, the team pushes the boundaries with new innovative solutions to create value added for its current and perspective clients.

People also like ease of use, though, and are trying to get technology and electronics incorporated in more parts of their lives than ever.

Many electricians “say they have included wiring and pathways for future tech integration in the kitchen,” paving the way for future appliances and their advanced functionality in these rooms.

The word is ‘modern’ right now, and if you want to draw the attention of more prospective renters than ever, you may want to do a little remodeling.

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