Updating a ceiling fan


Well, one of the three has been updated, the one in our master bedroom as it did stop working.

The other two, well it has been hard for me to justify replacing them as they still work just fine (not cute, but none-the-less still work!

It is on these days that the ceiling fans are a blessing. 8 are made by Casablanca, the other two are made by Hunter.

Both Ed and I agree that the Casablanca fans work better, they spin faster and really do cool the room off.

They were only going to be temporary until we finished the rooms, then we planned to update them.

I do not want to replace these, since as a few of you told me, they just don’t make the fans like they use to and that I should keep the good ones. We have changed the rotation of all the fans from clockwise to counter-clockwise. In the summer, they should spin counter-clockwise to provide a wind-chill effect.

A reader has told me that fans with angled blades do produce more air then fans with flat mounted blades. In the winter they should be changed to clockwise so they bring down and recirculate warm air that rises.

And I could not get this Caneel Bay fan by Casablanca out of my head, so I didn’t really put up a fight.

But with using only half of our budget we alotted for living room furniture by finding an amazing set at IKEA, reusing a rug we already owned from our old master bedroom, massively transforming the entire room with just a couple of coats of paint, and using really inexpensive Craigslist finds for the rest of the space, Robert convinced me to choose what I really wanted.

Updating a ceiling fan is often part of a room makeover or remodel. You can simply refurbish it with a coat of paint to match your room’s new look.

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