Updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71

I can hardly believe it's been over a year since we first launched BBC i Player on mobile on the i Phone and i Pod Touch.

My team has worked very hard since then to bring i Player to more mobile phones and today we are launching BBC i Player on mobile on the Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB and the Nokia E71.

This page has seen massive edits to get it in line with N900 details of flashing. v=O54Kd Lv TA2U Please see the main article Flashing N9.

N8x0 owners might want to have a look to older versions, like This page grew organically, so structuring is suboptimal. again, in case you missed it: READ THE WHOLE PAGE before starting! These descriptions assume that you are using the latest official images.

updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71-38updating firmware on vodafone nokia e71-80

In alternativa potete utilizzare il Nokia Software Updater o la Nokia Suite.

The default format used by the phone for video encoding is ".3GP", which Quick Time will decode.

This is the format used by the phone when video is selected from the camera option.

I'm Jonathan Bullock; creator of JBake and Twitile, developer with a passion for the Internet, geek, gadget lover and fan of far too many sports.

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We've developed a downloadable app which you can install by going to on your Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB or your Nokia E71.

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