Updating new mexico voter cards


New Mexico’s registration form requires you to put down your full 9-digit Social Security Number.

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And Washington just may begin to work again.” Welcome to the (anti-) party, Scarborough!

Early In Person Early voting at alternate sites begins on the third Saturday before Election Day and runs until the Saturday before the election. Alternate sites may have extended or various hours.

FELN will update this guide when the locations and times are set.

Note: If you wish to vote absentee and are a uniformed service member or family member or a citizen living outside the U.

S., contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program to register to vote.

On Election Day at the Polls Where you register to vote will not affect federal financial aid such as Pell Grants and Perkins or Stafford loans or your dependency status regarding FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you receive scholarship money from a state, county, town, or a private entity (i.e., an entity other than the federal government) you should confirm that residency in a particular place is not a requirement of the scholarship and/or that voter registration in New Mexico will not affect your eligibility.

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