Updating old furniture be still here


Warning: the laws of the universe dictate that whatever is tucked shall come untucked, so be prepared to retuck. Slipcovers are the saving grace for homeowners who have a piece of furniture that needs to be covered yet are sick and tired of straightening and tucking. You know what, there is something charming about an old lamp that looks like its spent years providing light for a home, but that being said, something we DON’T like is a shabby looking shade. Did you know that many pieces of furniture have legs that can be easily unscrewed and replaced?Or, check out our next tip for a better alternative… Pretty much every major home goods store carries slipcovers, but just be careful that you get a slipcover that has sturdy enough fabric and is fitted, otherwise your saga of tucking will continue. You can enjoy the look and light of a classy or vintage lamp without having to ignore its defects by simply replacing its shade. No longer do you have to hold a grudge against your dog because he chewed the sofa leg to splinters, and you don’t have to drape a cloth over your coffee table to hide the dings and nicks from countless feet. Beds are typically the piece of furniture that get overlooked most often.Am I the only one who gets satisfaction out of donating, selling, and throwing away clutter?We have re-painted most of the house & the front bedroom is the latest victim.We didn’t want to buy brand new furniture since we’ll probably buy new furniture when we buy a house in a few years.So, we decided to furnish his apartment on the cheap.& my heart wanting me to do this, & we all know you must listen to your heart.

"You can add this embellishment to many types of furniture (a desk, tray, chest of drawers, etc.), and there are a bunch of hardware types out there that you can choose from!As collegiettes, it can be a struggle to build up a big budget for your apartment.Cheap furniture is often the best way to go, but it’s not always the best-looking stuff!You can jazz up dressers, desk corners or photo frames with some simple brass corners."A trick I've tried once before that worked out nicely is adding brass corners to a...The walls are painted, & now the room is slowly coming back together.

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