Updating steam platform files


Even Balance does offer a standalone update tool called PBSETUP which you can download and run to manually add the Call of Duty games you have installed and force the update of local Punk Buster files but with the latest versions of PBSETUP released the older Call of Duty titles have been removed from the “supported games list”.

However, when you decide to compile you game using the Create Executable command from the file menu or the icon from the toolbar you will be creating a special file which will be uploaded directly to the Steam Workshop.Punk Buster File Downloads This brings us to one solution; user-to-user sharing of the latest downloaded Punk Buster files because there is no other way to get them at this point.You can download the necessary files below and simply copy the files from the download into the “pb” folder located within the respective Call of Duty game installation directory overwriting any files that are currently there.You should also be aware that the games uploaded to the workshop cannot make use of extensions in any form as Steam consider them to be a security risk.You have included files however, and you need not worry about whether your games will work on Mac OS or Windows as that side of things is handled by Steam.Valve is now making Steam VR Tracking fully available to other companies, without licensing fees.

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