Updating the witcher

With Wo L it became somehow redundant with the Game Master lifestyle trait.So it has been switched to a personality trait: As a comparison, if a Gambler can hardly resist playing few dice games in the tavern, a Game Master would make it a full time job and participate in high stake tournaments.

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Note that the list is still work in progress and we’ll complete the list as we encounter the new cards.Update 1.20 addresses those issues in a number of ways.Players will be able to read books and scrolls upon picking them up, without having to enter the inventory.The Witcher 3 won accolades from all over the world, including numerous game of the year awards, but a common and persistent criticism of the open-world role-playing game concerns its cluttered and confusing interface.Players have complained about the in-game HUD as well as the game menu, where navigating the inventory can often be a pain.The biggest new feature is clearly a complete new deck for the Gwent card game – Skellige.

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