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The correction is zero (HJD = JD) for objects at the poles of the ecliptic.Elsewhere, it is approximately an annual sine curve, and the highest amplitude occurs on the ecliptic. The differences between these time standards are of the order of a minute, so that for minute accuracy of timings the standard used has to be stated.The Ocean device had several advanced features, such as stereo Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera with flash, an MPEG-4 video camera, 3G speed EV-DO network support, built-in GPS, MMS support, and a removable battery.The Helio Ocean had a considerable amount of features at the time of its release.His great attitude, signature smile and outbursts of unbridled enthusiasm make him one of the true stars of motorsports.2017 will be Helio's 20th Indy Car season and his 18th with Team Penske.Hitachi is proud to partner with Team Penske and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves for the sixth straight year.The initial test will mark the Spaniard's first run on an oval.

The last thing I saw was that there was enough information to tell in his backstory, but any and all story related to Helio that I can find is just about his nanosmithing. I mean, isn't his nano-smithing enough of a character aspect?

When slid down in the horizontal position, it revealed a 35-key QWERTY keyboard.

Since their acquisition by Sprint Nextel, Virgin Mobile USA terminated the wireless voice and data services of those customers who had an Helio Ocean or other Helio branded devices on May 25, 2010.

The Helio Ocean was a dual slider Internet-enabled multimedia wireless mobile device sold by mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) wireless carrier Helio, and manufactured by Pantech Curitel.

A distinctive design feature of the Ocean was its dual sliding mechanism — when slid down in the vertical position, it revealed a telephone keypad.

With his two previous "500" victories in 20, Castroneves, at the age of 27, became the youngest driver to win the race twice and the only driver ever to win in his first two attempts.

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