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A year apart, Schaffer and Samberg both went to UC Santa Cruz as film students, though Samberg found being a Banana Slug was “too similar to Berkeley” and transferred to NYU after his sophomore year. At the time, “it wasn’t viable to show things online” to producers, according to Schaffer, who toiled away as an assistant at a company that made movie posters in between making shorts.

Birth Name: Jorma Christopher Taccone Place of Birth: Alameda, California, United States Date of Birth: March 19, 1977 Ethnicity: *Italian, Puerto Rican (father) *Swedish, as well as Scottish, German, English, Irish, distant Dutch (mother) Jorma Taccone is an American actor, writer, producer, singer, rapper, musician, and director.

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"In the past, when I've purportedly dated a famous woman, there's always been a mysticism about it.

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After passing a billion hits collectively for their online videos, Akiva Schaffer’s second feature “The Watch” and “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” which features Andy Samberg in one of his biggest film roles to date, will both see the inside of theaters within the next two weeks.

To honor the occasion, we’re republishing this piece that originally appeared on July 27, 2007 at Premiere.com, documenting the rise of the group the two co-founded with Jorma Taccone, who has also gotten his due in recent months for a most memorable cameo on Girls and is finally getting acknowledged for the genius that is “Macgruber.”It’s the morning after “Dick in a Box” has been nominated for an Emmy for best song. The three-minute slow jam, an ode to the phallic present for all occasions with vocals by Justin Timberlake, has proved to be the gift that keeps on giving after being watched by millions of people on You Tube since its debut on “Saturday Night Live” during the 2006 holiday season.

Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, the creative team behind “Box,” were en route to a Seattle morning radio show when they got the good news.“[There was] a lot of high fiving, a lot of gigglng. ” reports Schaffer, the short’s director, who had forgotten there was even a best song category when he received the first congratulatory e-mail.

Bring to viewers interest, Hot Rod opens with a self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Kimble, who is preparing for the jump of his life in order to clear fifteen buses to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank's life-saving heart operation.

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