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, that followed the lives of three different daughters who had one or both parents as pastors.As someone who grew up in a family that regularly attended a Pentecostal church, I was interested in seeing how Lifetime would choose to portray several families that are–presumably–very religious.Over the course of the binge watching session, my feelings morphed from genuine curiosity to a strange mixture of disgust and disbelief.While there is just way too much to unpack about the show’s first season that could fit into one post, there is one overwhelming point that rang clear: provides an accurate if unintended summary of what is wrong with purity culture (a culture that is centered on the belief that sexual abstinence until marriage is the only way for women to remain good and “pure”) in hour-long bites.The first teen we meet is Kolby, and she just wants to date. She runs this by her dad, Nikita, a former professional wrestler turned preacher over a "daddy-and-daughter lunch." Nikita with his shaved head and bulging muscles explains he doesn't think there is any need for Kolby to "experience" dating.He doesn't agree with the dating "lifestyle" but he doesn't entirely shut her down.

As for the stars, Reed says he interviewed more than 200 families during the casting process.

One cites “porno star” as an enticing career, and one asks her older sister explicit questions about sex.

These girls and their families are featured in “Preachers’ Daughters,” premiering Tuesday, March 12.

Though this sounds salacious, the nine episodes are a cinema verite of family life, not a “Girls Gone Wild” video.“This is real life of what preachers’ families deal with day in and day out, and there are many positives and negatives that come with that,” Reed tells Zap2it.

“And we are very, very diligent about not having an agenda to say if it were positive or negative.”One of the families profiled on the series is the Koloffs.

He tells Kolby she has to run it by her mom, Victoria, who turns out to be the real challenge. She also works at a Christian "crisis pregnancy center" and is a Christian radio talk show host.

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