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What is pretty clear, though, is that this year’s extreme wetness on the seasonal scale has pushed parts of California’s aging water infrastructure to the brink–and had even a single additional warm, wet atmospheric river come ashore during the peak of winter, the overall flood situation might have been considerably more serious.

Fortunately, most of California did receive a substantial break from the wet weather over the past couple of weeks, with mostly dry and warm conditions nearly statewide so far in March.

Instead, most of the widespread flooding, mudslides, and other infrastructure disruptions that have occurred stemmed primarily from the cumulative effect of unusually frequent moderate to strong storm events.

It has been previously noted that California’s most dangerous flood events do not necessarily occur during California’s wettest winters, although it’s not totally clear whether that’s just a matter of historical luck.

The city's centerpiece is Church Street Marketplace, a four-block, partially enclosed pedestrian mall that mixes Victorian and Art Deco buildings with modern structures to create a thriving city center.

Casual and fine dining, coffee shops and bars, galleries and shops — it's all here.

What's not to love about a town that offers world-class urban planning, a thriving, artsy economy and easy access to myriad outdoor activities, including excellent skiing and sailing? OK, Burlington is in northern Vermont, which means winters come early, stay late and mean business. See also: Where to retire for a good life for less Burlington, located about 180 miles northwest of Boston and 75 miles south of Montreal, scores high for livability among seniors.

In 2008, AARP honored the Winooski Falls neighborhood with a livable community award for its blend of businesses, residences, public transportation and recreational spaces.

Seaside’s Turnaround and Promenade It’s the Oregon Coast’s first beach resort town and a walk down Seaside’s Broadway is one of the Coast’s most unique experiences, passing shops, restaurants and family attractions including a large arcade, old-fashioned carousel, bumper cars and indoor miniature golf.

In making our picks, we focused on cities with a unique sense of place and a manageable size: Each has a population under 100,000 — small enough to easily navigate but large enough to offer a wide array of culture, amenities and services.

These are cities with fairly solid economic foundations and low crime rates.

Just south of Astoria is Lewis and Clark’s Fort Clatsop, where it is easy to picture yourself back in time over 200 years ago when America’s most famous explorers spent the winter here.

Walk through the full size re-creation of the explorer’s fort and you’ll see their charts laid out on the candlelit desk and smell the smoke from the fires that kept the chill off during the dank, dark and wet winter or 1806.

If so, you might find just what you're looking for in a small city — one that combines the energy and excitement of cosmopolitan life with the charm and neighborliness of a small town.

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