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Before moving on, I will ask a volunteer to give a brief summary of what we learned about a systems of equations in our last class.Before beginning new material, I will return the exit cards from our last class to give students an opportunity to review their responses.[Editor's Note: Since the source being quoted for this post is a bit incoherrent, this post itself might be a bit incoherent as well. The explosion of stories on this cultural phenomenon in the past year was so blatant it lead to me coin the aforementioned phrase in bold. Anyways, I woulda happily overlooked this story as well, but it was emailed to me only about 400 times this week alone. Nearly 70% of black women are unmarried, and the racial gap in marriage spans the socioeconomic spectrum, from the urban poor to well-off suburban professionals. It's not like the New York Times and Washington Post really cared much about the plight of single sistas before Michelle-O came on the scene, so why now?This activity is a great way to help students make a connection from previously learned material to today's objective since we will be identifying systems of equations with special solutions.After reviewing the Do-Now as a whole group I will ask a volunteer to read the objective, "SWBAT solve linear systems of equations by graphing".Next, I will ask the class to recall the special solutions that we discovered when we solved linear equations.

Only about 1 in 20 black women are interracially married. Numerous studies of Internet dating confirm that black women are the partners least desired by non-black men.Students will then complete the Review on the top of today's guided note sheet.I will ask two students to come up to the front of the board to act as the instructor by talking through the process they used to graph and check the solutions for each system. While the price of sex was about 0 per hourin 2006, eight years later that rate has dropped to about 0.They suspect a few contributing factors, including the financial crisis, globalization, and legalizationproving that sex, for all our hang-ups about it, is a commodity just like any other.So lets see how we are helping few of them to make it happen. (check how to make a hinge like app)Like hinge there is another app started by 3 sisters who said NO to mark Cuban when he asked to invest in the company.

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