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Our baseline Profile Matching method dynamically chooses, for each user, attributes that contribute most significantly to successful interactions with candidates having the best matching attribute value.

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How admirable.” Then I might twist my finger around a strand of hair and casually tell him that the word “politics” translates to “of, for, by the citizens.” Politics isn’t supposed to be about business — it’s supposed to be about people.

Initial data analysis highlights the problem of over-recommending popular users, a standard problem for Collaborative Filtering applied to product recommendation, but more acute in people-to-people recommendation.

We address this problem with a two-stage recommender process that employs a Decision Tree derived from interactions data as a “critic” to re-rank candidates generated by Collaborative Filtering.

Follow her on Twitter @rachelblundy." data-title="Rachel Blundy" data-html="true" data-template=" Hong Kong’s gender imbalance and societal pressure on women to get married are among factors being blamed for a rise in online dating scam cases, which have increased fourfold in the city in just three years.

Last year, 114 cases of online dating fraud were reported to police in the city, costing victims a total of HK million, alarming new figures show.

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