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I am an uber believer that humor and creativity can be powerful and effective therapuetic techniques.

As a Professional Life Coach I specializes in motivation issues, A. D, relationship and couples coaching, working through creative blocks, anxiety/depression, career advancement for artists, and LGBTQ issues.

Other examples of projects in this area include the e Social Science (Oe SS) project, the Companions project and research on mobile phones.

The project contributes to our research into the impact of the Internet on social networks by looking at the significance and impact of the Internet on intimate relationships.

And I don’t mind this as I never pressure her and I appreciate this loving, unselfish gift.

But to be honest, the best sex happens when both of us are really turned on and well, horny as hell.

What a simple concept; if I want to make love with my wife more frequently, I need to talk to her!As a Life Coach (and psychotherapist) I use an eclectic approach to coaching that blends behaviorial theories and creative strategies with coaching tools, and action-oriented methods.This is a superior coaching model when used to address pesky obstacles that get in the way of you living a rich and meaningful life.What role does the Internet play in introducing married couples?What are the geographic, socioeconomic and psychological characteristics of people who first met their partner online compared with those who met in more traditional ways?Over the years, I have tried many different scenarios to try and get my wife in the mood for sex.

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