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The subscriber bears personal responsibility for the password safety.In case it is disclosed the subscriber can deactivate CCIS by means of USSD request *126*1*3 # a call key or contact the company by dialing 411 so as to block the service in order to avoid unauthorized access of third parties to his/her information.If you continue browsing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.You'll find more information and learn how to change your settings in our cookie policy.In the course of registration you will receive a unique password consisting of 8 figures (it is valid within 15 minutes).After specified time the Password is cancelled; to further use CCIS you will need to re-register.Apart from a collaboration in 1965 between Harold and Kevin Perkins there has been no other biography fully endorsed by the Larwood family and in all likelihood there never will be another.To be honest, there is no longer any need, Hamilton has it covered.

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În cazul în care vrei să dezactivezi unul din servicii, o poţi face prin expedierea unui SMS cu menţiunea Stop şi numărul atribuit serviciului, de ex: “Stop 7” la numărul 6339.

When CCIS is used you can change a Password for a Personal password by using the Additionally menu option.

The personal password should consist of any eight figures; you can set its validity for a period of not more than 1 year and can extend it in any time.

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Moldtelecom în parteneriat cu posturile de radio, televiziune şi alte companii oferă tuturor abonaţilor săi servicii informaţionale şi de divertisment, care îţi vor permite să găseşti noi prieteni sau să-ţi lărgeşti cercul de cunoştinţe, să votezi eroii preferaţi ai show-urilor populare televizate, să comunici şi să faci surpriză celor dragi şi apropiaţi prin felicitarea lor în emisie directă la posturile de radio sau TV!

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